Buffalo Brown Talks Cog Nomen and Swim Drink Fish Tonight at Bardot

Buffalo Brown's been playing the guitar so long that he can hold his ten fingers in a bonfire, press them in a cactus patch, dip them in bubbling fry grease, hold them on a power sander, and run 'em cross a razorblade without breaking the skin. That's callous.

But the dude's got a heart big as the Biscayne Bay, and proves it tonight at Bardot, with his new project Cog Nomen, playing live to raise money for Swim Drink Fish, fighting for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water all over the earth, and especially here at home.

Here's what he had to say about it.

What the hell is a Cog Nomen?
It basically means Name, just, like, a generic name. It's not fully relateable to us, so you can just listen to the music without any preconceived notions. Ulysses suggested it. The band is myself and Ulysses Perez. We've known each other a very long time and were in a band called Out Of The Anonymous. We started this band as a side project, but it's been clicking and we're going with it.

Stars Above Sky Below by COG NOMEN

What the hell is a Swim Drink Fish?
We're playing tonight in support of the Swim Drink Fish Music Series. They're a non profit  raising funds for Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper (and others), fighting for stuff that's good for us; for drinkable, fishable, swimmable water.

Dude, water is fuckin' awesome right?
Water is very important. I'm not a big swimmer or anything, but it's a very basic component of our existence. Humans and the planet are both mostly water. It's vital. I have some water right now. Gotta stay hydrated
A Heavy Synthetic - Excerpt by COG NOMEN
How do you describe your sound?
Indietronic Psychedelic, like indie rock, electronic elements, and kind of psychedelic; and poppy. Not full-on pop, just poppy. Kind of Pink Floydish, and with some songs without words that are just about transporting you.

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How do you like Bardot?
Bardot is a really awesome place in Miami with a distinct flavor. It's about not changing, sticking to its guns, and having its own sensibilities in art, and they have one of the best sound systems in Miami for live music. And they get cool DJs that I like, and yeah, I like it, they promote good acts throughout the year from quality local, national, and international quality acts. It's like, "They're famous a year from now, but they were playing at Bardot a year ago."

How you been getting this music out there?
We have a free download available for the holidays, an acid carnival song, with a secret link.We have a private group on Facebook. It's more like, if you like it, you like it, but it's not for everybody. I'm not trying to pander to everybody. Those who like it, will like it, those are my peeps. When I get into new sounds, I don't want them sold to me. I just heard something, liked it and wanted to know more, so I'm just repeating what I've experienced.

Cog Nomen live for the Swim Drink Fish Music Series at Bardot (3456 N Miami Ave) Tuesday, December 27, 9pm, $5

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