Ultra Music Festival

BT at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Three, March 27

BT is difficult to pinpoint. He's a Grammy-nominated producer, remixer, musician, singer, engineer and composer. But he also moonlights as software creator, mobile app maker, and TV producer for the sad (but true) reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College on NBC. Yeah, who knew Tommy Lee actually even went to high school, let alone wanted to go to college.

Yet with all of his meandering side projects, BT (real name Brian Transeau) is a supremely talented musical genius.  Since his debut album Ima in 1995, he has pushed the limits of electronic music, combining his love of hip-hop, reggae, jazz, and rock. He's even been credited as one of the leaders of the nu-skool breaks movement in the early 2000s.

Needless to say, BT's main stage afternoon set was pure aural awesomeness. Unfortunately, though, his early afternoon set was only greeted by a handful of early-bird ravers. (Really, who's at Ultra for 1:30 p.m. unless you found yourself passed out on the grounds from the night before?) But still, BT killed it.

It was a surprising set compared to the blow-out madhouse that he spun on the first night at the UMF Radio Stage. This afternoon main stage set was more of a chilled, atmospheric soundtrack perfectly in line with the beautiful Sunday weather.

Let's just say that BT on UMF Day One was what it would be like if Charlie Sheen DJed dubstep while drinking tiger's blood and BT on UMF Day Three was more of the distinguished, laid-back yet highly energetic BT that most of us know and love. But both were winning ... Duh!

No video of BT's trance-like Sunday afternoon set is up. But check out his mad dubstep set from Day One of Ultra.

BT definitely set the mood for that Sunday afternoon as he spun some of his earlier trance-influenced sounds (particularly from 1999's Movement in Still Life) as well as traces from last year's Grammy-nominated album These Hopeful Machines.

After 90 minutes and more than 30 tracks, the crowd was slowly growing as the set picked up and hit a nice dancey vibe. The way BT mixes and matches tracks is beyond surreal. He composes in real time, rather than actually "DJing." So his sets are always unique and one-of-kind. That's why he's been doing this for over 20 years.

And in conclusion, BT is still a crazy musical genius who has Adonis DNA and drinks tiger blood.

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