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Brooklyn Stoner-Rockers Kings Destroy Will Hold a NYC Benefit Show For Torche on Wednesday

Torche is a band whose growing influence is not exactly measured in riches. Yes, the band has been hailed in discerning international circles as uh, torchbearers of a new sound that is heavy without being metal, per se, and still melodic. Still, the current threesome has had to keep it together, financially, by pretty much touring constantly, usually in a stinky van under no-frills conditions. 

So the theft of a good chunk of its gear about a week and a half ago struck a particularly difficult blow. Not only did lowlifes abscond with basses, guitars, and an assortment of effects pedals, but they also got the band's passports, preventing the guys from continuing on to paid shows in Canada on its tour with Coheed and Cambria. 

The band's label, Hydra Head, and its particularly devoted fans have rallied around Torche, though, sending small but steady contributions to a benefit PayPal account, at [email protected]. The news particularly bummed out Brooklyn band Kings Destroy, who mine similar sonic turf (although one that hews slightly more to metal proper) and count Torche as influence, but have no particular connection to the band. 

So, out of the goodness of their hearts, they decided to arrange a benefit show this Wednesday at Cake Shop, in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The band will take the stage with dirty-vintages rocker the Brought Low, Pig (not the English Industrial act, some other one that is impossible to Google), and Stinking Lizaveta, a Philly trio that has toured with Torche.

All door proceeds go to the band, and the show organizers will collect additional donations at the show. As for Kings Destroy itself, the band's lineup boasts veterans of New York-area hardcore and punk acts Killing Time, Uppercut, and Electric Frankenstein, and a debut seven-inch EP is was released today. (The digital version goes on iTunes on May 31.) Check out the song "Old Yeller" below.

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Arielle Castillo
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