Brisco Tries to Convince Lebron James to Come to Miami on New Mixtape with Jadakiss, Nipsey Hussle

​The Lebron James speculation is serious. Of course, here in Miami we're hoping he comes down to join buddy D-Wade ... but Wade's future in Miami hardly seems certain, either. So who can help entice James make up his mind? How about some rappers with a new mixtape!

Yesterday saw the release of The Choice is Yours, a free mixtape sponsored by Vitamin Water and hosted by Don Cannon, that's entirely devoted to helping Lebron James make up his mind. The three tracks feature a rapper from one of each of the major cities where he's thought to likely wind up: Chip tha Ripper from Cleveland (keep dreaming, buddy), Mikey Rocks (of the Cool Kids) from Chicago, Nipsey Hussle from L.A., Jadakiss from New York, and Brisco from the 305. (There's also an un-Google-able guy named Um, who we think is from New York judging by the extra voice rapping after Jadakiss on the second track.)

Each song here is basically the same, with each MC spitting a few lines extolling the virtues of his home team and city. If we were to believe Brisco, the main virtue of Miami seems to be its myriad ways to blow some cash. On the opening track, "Who's That," for instance, he tells James:

Soon as he sign with the Heat the hood retire his jersey
Promise him a red carpet for your Prada
And say hello to South Beach and Bal Harbour
Spending the money be the only problem

The best track here is probably the second, "I Am the Man," mainly because we missed Jadakiss' gravelly flow, which starts it off, and 'kiss also tries to convince James by pointing out that the Yankees are pretty damn good, too.

Well, sorry, we just have the Marlins, but Brisco still rallies for our city again.

Welcome to the home of Versace, keys, and mahi-mahi
Dan Marino, and plus it's the city of Pat Riley
Scarface dreams, and queens from all islands
We got Maybachs and seats with recliners

See, LeBron? We have expensive stuff and exotic women! We the best!

Stream and download the mixtape for free over at DatPiff.

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