Breaking: Club Space Closing Indefinitely After Labor Day Weekend

Club Space will close its doors after Labor Day Weekend for renovations. The   infamous land of early - morning fist - pumping will be using the holiday weekend to host two "Closing Parties" before an indefinite hiatus. 

Space's web site announced the closing with a newspaper-style statement, claiming the temporary closing was modeled after Ibiza's seasonal closings. The statement mentioned no remodeling, but an independent promoter for the club confirmed it to Crossfade. Attempts to contact venue management were not returned. 

The web site statement went on to say that a seasonal closing has been brewing for the last decade. It claims Space wanted to host "an event of such magnitude that it would eventually become legendary enough to be anticipated as summers begin."  Unfortunately, this doesn't really hold -- while Ibiza's party season is during the summer, Miami's doesn't pick up until the fall. Besides, Ibiza as a whole is one of the world's party meccas -- not just one singular nightclub in a fickle nightlife scene?

Despite Space's glossy take on its hiatus, many in the nightlife community aren't buying it, and the rumor mills are spinning. Those who have played in Miami Clubland for more than five minutes know that terms like "remodeling" or "renovation" are usually cover-ups. Nightlife


are jumping from stories of money mismanagement to potential ownership changes, with everyone claiming to have the "inside information."

So will Space join the mega-club drainage like MI-VI or will the venue rejoin the company of fortress-strength staples like B.E.D.? Only time will tell.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.