Brandon Boyd of Incubus Releases Solo Album Today; Stream Two of His Songs Here

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd quietly announced his debut album, The Wild Trapeze, via his Facebook page only a month ago, and not much else has been said about it since.Today, it was officially released.

His first solo album a music career spanning more than 15 years, Boyd describes his debut as, "A guy in room surrounded by toys who has an undying enthusiasm for

finding out what each toy does, and has been given full license to make

as much noise as he pleases."

The singer, author, and most recently, visual artist played guitar, drum, bass, timpani, chimes, and glockenspiel on the record -- pretty much all of the instruments, except for the keyboard.

He took to his Facebook again to explain why he decided to create The Wild Trapeze. Boyd said:

"Incubus has proven to be the proverbial 'Diamond' in my life. And I would venture to say that it has acted as such for my Brothers in our band as well. Fraught with struggle, too many hours in the dark and questionable as to if it's worth all of the effort. But at the end of the day, sparkling, hypnotic, with angles that can cut glass and sometimes even make women sigh... Ha ha. Yeah. I just said that.

But what of the material that's unearthed in the interim? What should I make of the stuff I uncover with my bare hands? My trusty pickax set aside and digging furiously with only the strength of my fingers. I would say that these efforts are just as important. For different reasons. But reasons that though not as obvious are proving to be telling of that devious query, 'Who am I... today.'"

An official music video for the first single on the 10-track album, "Runaway Train," was released just a few weeks ago, and it shows off Boyd's artistic creativity. But what do you think of the softer side of Boyd?

Check out the video and stream "Revenge of the Spectral Tiger" (courtesy of Some Kind of Awesome) below.

Brandon Boyd - Revenge of the Spectral Tiger by Some Kind of Awesome

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