Boyz II Men Bring the Science of Panty Droppin' to Miami November 5

Boyz II Men have announced a Miami stop on their latest tour, along with fellow 90s smooth-crooner Keith Sweat and gangsta diva Faith Evans. And Crossfade anticipates the concert will be a top-shelf seminar in panty droppin'.

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... Boyz II Men can sing. They broke Billboard records held by Elvis, and then proceeded to break their own records. But who cares?

When you're talking about brothers Nathan and Wanya Morris, and fellow B2M'er Shawn Stockman, you're talking about a trio of vocalists that can cause undergarments to descend with the precision of a Green Beret stitching his own wound in the Amazon.

Though at the helm of a dense collection of ballads about banging, the group's definitive manifesto on lovemaking for boyz aspiring to be men is clearly their 1994 number-one hit single "I'll Make Love To You."

Disclaimer: Like Pavlov's Dog salivating at the sound of a bell, this song-slash-video inspires an instant, universal reaction: bombastic screaming along with the chorus; arms swaying in the air; torso flop-waving like a drunk sailor serenading the open seas from his ship's mast. And it's this over-the-top, passion-obsessed karaoke that may actually be your greatest asset in unsheathing your date's assets.

See, while "I'll Make Love To You" details a number of items and techniques that may impose greater gravity on skivvies (say candles, wine, fireplaces, intimate touch, and constant, almost obsessive reminders that, "Baby, you're in control"), the best, most surefire way to make them undies hit the floor, is simply playing some Boyz II Men.

Boyz II Men with Keith Sweat and Faith Evans. Saturday, November 5. James L. Knight Center, 400 SE Second Ave, Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $53 to $75 plus fees via Call 305-372-4634 or visit

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Matt Preira