Borscht Film Festival Answers Your Questions About Music Submissions

If you could go back in time, would you kill Stalin before he ruined the communism? Do you live in a state of perpetual war against all that sucks? Is your total commitment to the cause what keeps you going everyday? Want to help create an entertainment industry in Miami that fights all the existing bullshit?

Join the Borscht Film Festival brigade. Musicians are welcome. Try and get your song in a movie by submitting it to a Miami film festival that reps Dade County to the fullest. Here are some possible answers to questions you may have about the festival's new music-related projects.

I submitted my song and entry form, now what?

Now The Borscht will FTP your track to North Korea. Kim Jong Il will decide if it's good enough.

Will my song end up in a movie that sucks?

Maybe. This is an experiment.

Will I get paid if my song is used?

It's possible. There are corporate sponsors.

What's the point?

To get away from what people expect when they look at or think about Miami.

What's the goal?

Five directors, five songs, five movies that don't suck.

My band sucks and we recorded our demo over an old Ace Of Base tape.

It's not about how good or bad the song is.

So whether you play punk, jazz, classical, salsa, polka, rock, rap, reggae, noise, techno, ambient, or anything else, you are encouraged to send your track and entry form to submission@borscht.info by midnight on August 1.

If you are not a musician, have no musical talent, or aren't interested in contributing musically but you still want to participate, Andrew Hevia, the festival's Captain of Production says, "If somebody's there to provide it, we'll probably use it." You can join the local film industry under the banner of "I am good at other things."

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