Borscht and Sweat Records Announce Rachel Goodrich Video Contest for "Na Na Na"

Not all sequels are total garbage. Ghostbusters II, for example, needed, to happen. If we didn't have sequels, we would have never seen John Connor battle the badass, liquid-metal T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And let's not forget Weekend at Bernie's II, if only for managing to float a second movie about the same dead guy.

In the franchise-building spirit of bringing-it-back, songbird Rachel Goodrich has unveiled a sequel of her own: another chance to be involved with one of her music videos.

Last January, Sweat Records hosted a contest in which participants submitted homemade music videos for Goodrich's "Light Bulb." The winning vid's whimsical depiction of a day in the life of a piñata quirkily captured the song's spunk and sass.

However, Crossfade was also a big fan of Borscht Film Festival don Lucas Leyva's entry, which juxtaposed the cutesy single with big booty hos and fat blunts.

Rachel got the joke too. And she's enlisted Leyva as well as Borscht collaborator and viral video auteur Jillian Mayer to direct the video for the second single, "Na Na Na," from her self-titled sophomore album. The official guidelines call, simply enough, for footage of people dancing to the song.

We want to see you move and dance to the tune "Na Na Na" any way you like! We like all kinds of dances -- interpretive, ballet, step, tap, jazz, breaking, modern, and are inviting everyone from professionals to friends in their living rooms to upload a video to youtube and share the link with us! You can be as simple or extravagant and creative as you like, there are no rules as long as it's dancing to "Na Na Na."

Once you've uploaded the footage of you or your loved ones shakin' yer bacon to "Na Na Na," the Borscht peeps ask that you leave a comment on their blog or the Sweat Records contest post.

The contest runs until September 1 and the winners will be announced in October.

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