Bobby Brown Cashes In on Whitney Houston's Death, Exploits Late Ex-Wife on New Track

Bobby Brown has a bad reputation.

He's been labeled a drug addict, spouse abuser, and poor father by the media, friends, and family alike. When his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, died earlier this year, her family requested that he not show his face at the funeral.

Naturally, he rejected their wishes and showed up nine deep, only to leave shortly after arriving because there weren't enough seats for the Bobby Brown party.

But Brown's seemingly calculated publicity stunt was only the beginning of a would-be exploitative tour backed by a dead Whitney Houston. Further profiting off his late ex-wife, the New Edition singer has released "Don't Let Me Die," a tribute track, of sorts, about his grieving process.

Though he doesn't mention her by name, the track is clearly about Whitney Houston. And it's that very intentional omission that makes Bobby Brown a scumbag.

"I guess I fucked up pretty bad/I didn't know who you were/I didn't know what we had/Now I'm stuck living in the past/Trying to get the pieces back/But I guess now you're gone"

The singer's set to release a new record, Masterpiece, in June and he will undoubtedly hit the talk show circuit. He already performed "Don't Let Me Die" on The Tonight Show last night and will surely play it everywhere else he appears.

Of course, the inevitable question out of every talking head's mouth that interviews him will be "Is this song about Whitney?" Or, "How much did Whitney's death impact the new album?"

The buzz alone will move album sales and Brown will have a hit record at the expense of his late ex-wife.

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