Bob Sinclar at SET February 11

Does Bob Sinclar really need an introduction? The French DJ-producer is practically the Jesus of dance music. But if you lived under a rock throughout the late 2000s and missed out on globe-spanning anthems such as "Love Generation" and "World Hold On," our heart goes out to you.

After a Grammy nomination, an official FIFA World Cup anthem, five Billboard dance number ones, and the attaining of messianic status worldwide, what's left for Bob Sinclar to do? Well, produce reggae, of course! Teaming up with legendary Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie — known for giving the likes of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones a reggae makeover — Sinclar dropped his Made in Jamaica remix album in 2010. It features guest spots by a slew of top reggae vocalists, including Gary "Nesta" Pine of the Wailers.

But it's not really Sinclar's first foray outside of EDM. He's produced acid-jazz as Mighty Bop and world music with the Africanism ensemble. Even his house productions offer acoustic ethnic flavors. This messiah is a man of the world.

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Sean Levisman

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