Blume Nightclub Set to Open This Fall in Brickell

V&E Restaurant Group, the folks behind places like Segafredo and Tapas y Tintos, are bringing a new nightclub to Brickell this fall. Initially conceptualized as Bloom (as in the blooming of flowers), the nightclub's moniker was tweaked slightly, eventually settling on Blume — which just so happens to be the German word for flower.

Jose Manuel Vazquez, co-owner of Blume, says the venue will bring a unique experience to Miami nightlife in several ways.

To start, an elaborate lighting system will accompany a decor theme of nature and flowers. Wood finishes, mirrors, and floral wallpaper will all help the club feel like somewhere in between the Garden of Eden and Ibiza. What will make the lighting especially distinctive, according to Vazquez, will be two complex concentric circles hanging from the ceiling with eight individually controlled motors. There will also be an outdoor terrace called the Garden of Blume where guests can separate themselves from the high energy of the club to a more chill atmosphere while they sip cocktails.

“Every inch of the club feels like a high-end mansion," says Vazquez. "It’s very unique.” 

With V&E Restaurants as the parent company behind the club, the venue will have an edge unlike any other, Vazquez says. “We’re bringing a restaurant-experience service to the nightclub, which is something usually nightclubs are not known for,” he says. “It might feel like a lounge. It’s very cozy. It does not feel like a hardcore nightclub.”

Vazquez says Blume will mostly have table service and notes that it will definitely be cheaper than Miami Beach, which, at this point, doesn't necessarily set the bar very high. Drink prices cheaper than Miami Beach is like a sprinter slower than Usain Bolt, more the norm than an exception these days. But Vazquez says that, price aside, the beach has become more of a hub for tourists than for locals, which is why Blume wants to attract and cater mostly to local Miamians.

“We want it to be a Vegas-style feel of a very nice, high-end luxurious place where we want people to feel comfortable. Our biggest pet peeve or the thing we don’t want people to feel is like a tourist in their own town. We want people to come to Blume and feel comfortable — feel at home again,” says Vazquez.

An official opening date has not been set, though a rough weekly musical layout has already been determined. On Thursdays, house music will be played, featuring local DJs like Mark M and Geeh. Fridays will bring house music mixed with what Vazquez calls more danceable club music for Latinos, such as reggaeton. Finally, Saturdays will offer a more open format with hip-hop included.

Blume's opening is scheduled for fall 2015 at 1421 S. Miami Ave., Miami.
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Junette Reyes is a Miami native multimedia journalist with previous writing credits at FIU Student Media, South Florida Music Obsessed, and WLRN. She generally prefers chilling with cats over humans and avoids direct sunlight to maintain her ghastly appearance.