Blues Rockers King Bee Will Release EP in October, New Album in January

Finalists in New Times' 2009 Battle of the Bands, Miami group King Bee plays heavy alt-rock that feeds off a bluesy underbelly. The scruffy trio are masters of the subtle build-up, hitting their stride with wail-out sessions that creep up faster than you can say crescendo.

I caught the last song of their show at Propaganda September 25. I was amped because I figured it portended similarly good, or maybe better, music to come. But I was sorely disappointed in second act Noble Rocket as well as in closing band and over-hyped act The Beauvilles, whose performance made me giggle uncontrollably. (Am I the only one who feels like the vocalist/guitarist's theatrics are forced?).

King Bee is releasing an EP later this month and its third album, To The Moon, some time in January. They shot a video for one of the singles coming out titled "Balls." The video, inspired by David Fincher's A Perfect Circle video for "Judith," won the Audience Award at the Florida Music Festival's Independent Film Jam and was highlighted on the $99 videos website, a site for creative DIY videos made with less $100. Watch the video after the jump.


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