Black Bobby Drops Major Blazer Monday

If you haven't heard about Black Bobby, now its time to pay attention. This Harvard grad and D.C. transplant is doing some pretty amazing stuff. He gave up the corporate life in New England and moved down to Miami to pursue a music career. Why Miami? Who the hell knows and who cares.

Well, in honor of 4/20, Bobby's admittedly "favorite holiday," he'll be releasing Major Blazer, his latest single which in the title track he raps over Major Lazer's club hit "Pon de Floor." How did he come about turning the Diplo/Switch disco dancehall track into his own?

"I started learning about electro songs through Lolo [Reskin] and Jason [Jimenez] at Sweat Records," Bobby explains. "I heard a remix of Major Lazer's 'Pon de Floor' and was instantly drawn to the music. I've heard that beat in downtown clubs before without knowing what the song was. Every time I've heard it, these Miami girls were going crazy to it. So, I put my voice on it. I guess I pander to women."

The singe, which will be available for download for free, will also feature the track "Exhibit DMV," in which he raps over Jay Electronica's "Exhibit A" beat. Both tracks will be featured in his upcoming mixtape Black Bobby's Negro Dialect which drops in May, so watch out for that.

In the meantime, you can catch Black Bobby performing both track, as well as a few more, tomorrow at Sweatstock at Sweat Records along with long list of other local acts, while you can grab Major Blazer Monday via blackbobby.com.

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