Black Angels on What's "Really F#@%ing Cool About the Freedom of Psychedelia"

Since forming in 2004, Austin, Texas,' Black Angels have become the proverbial torchbearers of traditional psychedelia, wringing aural acid trips from the keys of reverb-soaked combo organs and droning sitars for the better part of ten years now.

But beyond an impressive discography of its own drug-rock masterpieces, the band has also dedicated itself to protecting and preserving the legend of current tour mate and nearly unsung hero of psychedelia Roky Erickson.

Tomorrow night, Black Angels will be filling Grand Central with its signature haze of echoes, shouts, and fuzzy guitars for what will undoubtedly be a time-stopping adventure through the depths of kaleidoscopically colored experimental rock.

We here at Crossfade were fortunate enough to gain an audience with frontman and multi-instrumentalist Alex Maas and chat about the band's live ritual, his work developing Austin Psych Fest into the "beast" it has become, and his backup plan to play professional baseball if the waves of reverb ever stop crashing for the Black Angels.

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David Von Bader