Bizerk on Working With RedLyte and Sound Movement: "We Should Call It The Stoner Tour"

Florida is America's reggae music capital.

More island-music talent resides in the Sunshine State than anywhere besides Jamaica.

From the Panhandle to the gumbo pot of Miami, local riddim rockers Sound Movement prove it with every easy-skankin' riff. Here is what the band's rapper Bizerk has to say about working with RedLyte, crowds in Coco Beach, and hitting Cali.

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Crossfade: How'd you meet RedLyte?

From a long time ago. He was on seven or eight songs with Inner Circle for the State of Da World album. Mad records. We met there and linked up on some music shit. He has his own label, BigMon Entertainment, so I used to go work out of his studio.

How'd you start doing shows together?

When I opened for Bone Thugs, Redman, and Method Man, I invited him out there to rock the stage with me. He's a big part of the reason I killed it. So when he started gettin' a bunch of shows, he invited me. He just got off tour with Biggz General, Bob Marley's grandson.

Where you been playing?

We just got back from Coco Beach, Naples, and West Palm Beach. I liked the crowds: older people with money who still wanna party and have a good time.

What's the set like?

RedLyte has a full band that does a three-hour set. And he brings me up to do five songs in the middle of it. It's mostly weed songs, and I flipped Sublime's Santeria record too, changed a couple words. Abebe [Lewis, Circle House owner] said we should call it The Stoner Tour.

Whats next?

Were gonna save the money we make and go tour cali. Plus we already got shows lined up in vermont and rhode island. People holler at us all the time at the shows. We just met the man who startwd "million dollar listing" on bravo tv.

Tell some more about the crowds...

Its a lot of older ladies, mad milfs who wanna have a good time. They be gettin wild.

Like when we played in naples on south street, we were at the only club thay was popping so all the locals into music were t

I like touring. all that driving gives me time to listen to music, and smoke blunts.

What else is redlyte known for?

He wrote a bunch of records for wayne wonder and he has big mon ent. And what he also has is crazy energy, stage presence, and crowd interaction. He does 3 hour sets... I can barely do 25 minutes.

You guys are recording?

Yeah we workin on a record right now produced by blackout muzik whose working with the weeknd no w. We have a real fusion sound thats heavy reggae heavt hip hop and a little bit of rocknroll

Wasup with jazid?

Love it. We linkd with lance o and its going to be a lot of fun.

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