Bieber Gone Bad: Seven Steps From Tween Idol to Single, Drunk, and Stoned

Who's noticed Justin Bieber acting like a gaping, fully grown asshole for, like, the last 332 days? OMG, sooo hot.

On March 1, 2012, the boy with the beautiful bowl cut who once sang "Baby" turned 18, officially becoming a mature 'n' sexy man. But just being recognized as a legal adult in the oogling eyes of the American government (as well as the wig-wearing magistrates in his native land of Canada) wasn't enough for the Biebz.

Nope, JB needed to prove his manliness. So he stripped down for Rolling Stone, broke up with his GF, drifted deep into underage drinking, puked in public, masterminded a sex-tape hoax, started smoking pot, and just generally upped the douchey bad boy factor to 11.

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