Best Albums of 2011: Cults' Cults

This time of year, hipsterdom's virtual playground -- i.e. the blogosphere -- is littered with arbitrary "best of" indie music lists. Everyone from NPR to Pitchfork, our sister blogs around the Village Voice, and yes, even Crossfade, have declared this year's alt world favorites.

While the lists vary from music critic to music critic, show hosts to judging panels, one album that seems to be on everyone's list this year is Cults' self-titled debut, an infectious 33-minute record of '60s-inspired girl pop.

While cults have long been frowned upon in society, these Cults are celebrated for their dreamy melodies -- not to mention frontwoman Madeline Follin's "Dear Diary"-like lyrics. Their music is timeless, both a time machine and time capsule -- three chords and a simple drum pattern.

The group's popularity earned them a guest spot on Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba! and an interview with Canada's best, Nardwuar.

Perhaps, though, this band's biggest accomplishment of 2011 was sticking out. The NYC duo managed to distinguish itself on a seemingly homogenous indie-pop scene. That's why Cults is one of Crossfade's favorites this year.

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