Bento Box Band Live at Transit Lounge Tonight with Homebody

A band's members can have all the talent in the world, and they can still suck as a band. Because for all the technical prowess, all the mastery of their instruments, you just can't substitute that particular "X" factor, a seeming nimbleness that lends to improvisation on the fly. It's why some bands sound robotic, and others really come alive onstage. Bento Box Band is perfect example of that.

"Spontenous cohesion," is what guitarist, bassist and backing vocalist Nestor Molina calls it. "a sense of where the other was going without ever speaking about or directing the course."

That cohesion he's referring to is the sort of thing some bands play together for years to attain. In the case of Bento Box, who's been together since only 2009, that gelling was instant.

"We have always approached our music like having a conversation on stage," says vocalist, keyboardist, and sax and flute player, Josh Herrington.

He goes on to explain the process by which they came by their sound, "Since day one, we would put a song idea out there and see where it went. Gradually, we put together some tunes that I had written before the band came together, and then the guys put their thoughts into them, and the result was a unique mix of blues rock, funk, and reggae that we were really excited to play."

"It all just fell into place," says drummer and percussionist Dave Merritt.

"We have fun improvising," says Molina of their no holds barred approach to making each show unique. "And our energy radiates into the crowd. All of us want to be surprised by something new every show. It's good to have a fresh vibe for fans that might come out to many of our gigs."

Bento Box Band with Homebody. Wednesday, February 23. Transit Lounge, 729 SW 1 Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. and there's no cover. Call 305-377-4628 or visit transitlounge.us.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.