Benefit Show For Sweat Records Tonight

It all started out as a pleasant Sunday. Lauren Reskin, owner of Miami staple Sweat Records, was trying to relax two weeks ago and enjoy her lone day off. Unfortunately, the day’s tone changed dramatically when she swung by her business for a quick meeting and found out that her beloved record store had been vandalized and robbed.

Thieves had stolen the computer, cash, artwork, video projector, and even the used CD bin. “I might have started hyperventilating a little bit,” recalls Reskin, “then I got on the phone.” The police came soon after and took fingerprints. Reskin put out the bat signal: an army of volunteers emerged to help clean up.

Sweat was set back roughly 15 grand by the tragedy. Since they’ve never given up before, though, you can be sure that Reskin and crew won’t be stopped now. Local musicians Jesse Jackson and Animals of the Arctic jumped into the relief efforts. They put together tonight’s mega fundraiser show at Churchill’s (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami), and since love is infectious, soon more bands than could fit on the bill were volunteering their services.

Here’s the line-up as of press time: Jesse Jackson, Animals of the Arctic, Raffa & Rainer, The Down Home Southernaires, Rachel Goodrich, Dino Filipe, The Electric Bunnies, Little Beard, and Tee Pee. The seven dollar cover goes to keepin’ Miami all good and Sweaty, so go and bring a posse. Doors at 8:30 p.m. Visit www.sweatrecordsmiami.blogspot.com.

-- Jamie Laughlin

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