Belle and Sebastian Release New Single "Write About Love" Today; Download it Here

Indie pop darlings Belle and Sebastian haven't released an album since 2006. Die-hard fans were impressed with the Glasgow 7-piece's two-song contribution to the initial Juno soundtrack in early 2008, but still, we wanted more.

Word started to spread in May of this year that the band was "working on new songs" and were in "the final stages of recording the album," but it wasn't until today that they released their title track "Write About Love" to the first 200,000 fans via download on their site. They're also having album giveaways on their Twitter account, but it won't be released until late October.

We had a listen to "Write About Love," and it's what we imagine a 60's pop band living in the UK would come up with. It's perfect for daydreaming, partly because of lyrics like "I hate my job/ I'm working way too much/ Everyday I'm stuck in an office / I take my lunch up on the roof," sung so reflectively we almost picture them running in a field, hands and heads raised while they sing it.

On top of the single release, they've also started a video series they've dubbed "Belle and Sebastian TV," wherein they filmed in Glasgow over the last few weeks as teasers for the upcoming album. The first episode is a half-hour mix of music, chat, and insights on Write About Love.

Watch the first episode (where they play some new songs) and download the new single below, and tell us what you think.

Download: Belle and Sebastian "Write About Love"

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