Beethoven Rules Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center With the Cleveland Symphony

Beethoven's father was a drunk and his momma was dead.

His guts were twisted up. He was clinically depressed. And his mind was full of screaming from the dying cells inside his ears.

Cash was low, the girls he loved couldn't love him back, and the aristocratic bastards he hung around were a constant thorn in his side.

The music in his head would swell and boom around his skull. The oceans of pianos crashed through him like shipwrecks. The neural splitting fire he released in orchestration with a climax that his body never shuddered from directly as the fiendish imposition of the tragicomic nature of the dueling hands of fate that kept him up at night and writing set his seizured soul to thrusting for the glory of creation drove him crazy.

The deeper that he went inside the fury of the music, the louder that the voices he could never hear would scream. The torture kept him going; sort of like like living in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Orchestra Miami: Beethoven's Pastoral. KNIGHT CONCERT HALL
Friday, March 23, 2012, 8pm . $45-$162

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