Beat Down Sound

Here's three foolproof ways to bug out your senses and get your heart pounding so hard it threatens to violently eject itself from your rib cage: Mainline about 30 shots of espresso, then dash up 50 flights of stairs; stroll through downtown Tikrit at noon while wearing an American flag T-shirt and whistling Bruce Springsteen tunes; or plant yourself in the middle of the pit at a Dillinger Escape Plan show. Scarily enough, that last one might be your most dangerous option.

What is the brilliant New Jersey quintet's equation for chaos? Intense grindcore + thrash metal + technical virtuosity + sinister Mike Patton-like weirdness + a mega-buff, F5 tornado of a frontman who could probably take out Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig with one bloodcurdling scream = sweetmotherofgodmyheadisabouttoexplode! This year's Great White tragedy in Rhode Island might put the kibosh on DEP's occasional fire-breathing antics, but that's okay because when you're swept up in the maelstrom, your own spontaneous combustion suddenly becomes a real possibility.

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Michael Alan Goldberg