Battle of the Bass Preview

You’re probably excited this week to accumulate more fat cells in places you don’t want them to be. But on November 23rd, the boys from the Autonomous Bassheads, in conjunction with Voodoo lounge and Culture Productions, will be presenting the 2nd Battle of the Bass showdown against Dade County and West Palm Beach. So aside from anticipating the participation of gluttony over a holiday that celebrates Native American genocide, you can also anticipate bassline madness.

To those of you who attended the first Battle of the Bass, against Dade and Broward, this party will intensify the latter’s degree of bad-assedness, and yes, that is not a real word, but the party was so killer that I had to make one up. For those of you bass girls and boys who could not attend the previous battle, you’ll want to attend this one. The first day of promotion already gathered 50 people on the list. So if you want to ensure your free entrance before midnight, log onto and get your name on that list. The Autonomous bassheads duo, have been busily producing new and original tracks for an expected 2008 record. This means that you’ll probably hear some of that so-fresh-and-so-clean-clean stuff on Friday night, but there’s more. The headlining act, aside from the Autonomous Bassheads duo, will be Scratch D of Dynamix II, representing for West Palm. He will be battling against Teknik of the Sound Chasers. As for the Autonomous Bassheads, they will be going up against The Underground Technicians. Now if you know break-beats, you know Dynamix II, as one of the biggest pioneers of electro and bass music. And if you know that, then you know missing out on this party would be lame. So remember to tell your friends.

-- Lucy Orozco

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