Bassnectar and Pretty Lights on Basslights 2.0 in Miami: "Cinematic, and Hard and Heavy"

When alligators want to fuck or fight, they roar. Females initiate the call, males follow, and they sometimes gang up by the thousands to throw tones so deep that the entire Everglades shakes. Some of these extreme rumbles occur at the level of infrasound, low-frequency oscillations that you feel more than you hear. It's a phenomenon also produced by avalanches, waterfalls, earthquakes, and Miami bass.

Over the years, Bayfront Park has felt its share. And this weekend, it'll face another tsunami of rumble when Bassnectar and Pretty Lights team up for a two-night stand in downtown. This collaborative concert, called Basslights, is reported to be so deep and heavy that it may crack the park off of the mainland and send a wild island floating off into Biscayne Bay.

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Jacob Katel
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