BassHead's New Drop Party: "Miami Bass and Anything to Make Girlfriend's Booty Shake"

Be a music snob and hate on dubstep all you want -- some of us here in the 305 live for that sick bass drop, bro. There's a reason why Miami has always been the City of Bass. And few locals know that better than Juan BassHead.

It's why he's helping to launch Drop, a new weekly bass party at recently-opened downtown hotspot Therapy, for all of us sonic masochists who enjoy getting pummeled by the lowest, gut-rattling frequencies in the audio spectrum.

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"We want to provide bass music lovers with a place they can call home," Juan tells Crossfade about the party. "Club Therapy offered us their full support with a prime night, at a new club, in a great location, and we in turn put together the best team we could, including some longtime underground and more mainstream event promoters.

"Plus, we're implementing some stuff that has never happened before, such as our live broadcast with Pepe Billete on DJ 106.7 FM," he adds. "We aim to focus on fun bass music, the type of stuff Miami people love to death and feel deep in their bones."

Sure enough, the crew is kicking Drop off auspiciously on Saturday with UK DJ-producer and "Godfather of Dubstep" Hatcha. But if you're not partial to dubstep or its aggro evil twin brostep, worry not. As bass music's greatest local exponent for over a decade (BassHead is currently celebrating it's 13-year anniversary) Juan will be curating a whole plethora of styles at the party.

"Drop is way more than dubstep," he promises "It's a bass night, so we'll definitely play some dubstep, but we'll also be playing moombahton, trap, drum 'n' bass, Miami bass, and anything to make your girlfriend's booty shake.

"As far as BassHead continuing to push dubstep, we'll push any type of music we like," he adds. "We've been doing shows for about 13 years, way before the word "dubstep" existed. We've done shows featuring all sorts of styles of music, and our label releases a wide variety of styles and BPMs too. There's only two types of music: good music and bad music. I'm from Miami, "The City of Bass", so I've got bass in my blood."

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Sean Levisman