Bass Queen

Baby Anne could easily pass for a pop tart diva if she wanted to. Her face is a perfect selling point for any sexy and seductive sound. Instead the Bass Queen enjoys jarring audiences with bone-crushing electro-breaks, and she has no intentions of lightening up. In fact she never really has mellowed out; her music sounds just as harsh as it did when she first began spinning industrial techno and Miami bass at Goth gigs and Central Florida raves in 1992.

It has been years since Baby Anne graduated from mentor DJ Icey's Zone Records to the more established Moonshine, which recently released her new single, "Down to Zero," as well as her contribution to its Mixed Live series. But a growing national rep won't keep the DJ/producer from headlining Culture's eighth anniversary party. Culture has been one of Miami's primary underground production companies and chiefly responsible for blowing her up in Miami several years ago. When it comes to making and performing music, Baby Anne always remembers her roots.

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Humberto Guida
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