Bardot Miami Hosts Cooper Avenue Lounge and Restaurant Sneak Peek Starring Florida Kilos

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Bardot loves its clientele, almost as much as it loves great food and music.

The Midtown venue, owner Amir Ben-Zion, and crew are all about the finer things in life. So last Thursday, they showed their appreciation by bringing all three together for a fun yet sophisticated celebration.

They invited some favorite frequenters to a night of free drinks and surfy jams from throwback kids Florida Kilos. But it was the sneak peek of Cooper Avenue, a new lounge, restaurant, and bar (taking over the ground floor of South Beach's New World Center in late September) that really stole the show.

With doors opening at 9 p.m., it was an early evening. And by 9:45, waiters began to appear carrying trays of delicious and petite comfort food favorites, like crab cakes with avocado, mini-sub sandwiches, and flat-bread pizzas.

Cooper Avenue, originating in New York City, is a modern-American concept that strives to be more than just an eatery. It's also a locally-driven destination -- a restaurant, bakery, deli, bar, news stand, and market all in one, featuring experience-based dining areas in each section.

The South Beach outpost at the New World Center will interact with the local crowd, showing movies, hosting art, and, of course, allowing customers to enjoy the symphony's live musical performances.

It was all quite delicious and fancy, and the free drinks were doing work when suddenly things got sexy. We tried not to choke on our bite-size red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as we watched a lovely-young lady strip down, lip-syncing that "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets."

After that short and steamy burlesque routine, Florida Kilos set up in the middle of the floor and complimented our desserts with some sweet, summery surfing vibes. The three-piece dressed for its sound in sailor hats, white pants, and bathing suits, boiling over with attitude in all the right rock 'n' roll-y places.

They jammed for about an hour, playing a 10-song set of classic beach covers and originals before giving it back up to the DJ. From there, everyone pretty much danced away the calories. But they were well worth it.

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