Bar Gets Redecorated Yet Again by Someshine, Unveiling Happens Tonight

Like Freegums and Todd James (Reas International) before him, local artist Someshine, AKA Mike Del Marmol, has taken a stab at redecorating Bar -- the space formerly occupied by PS14 and Max Fish. Above is a little teaser sent to us Raul Sanchez, general manger of Bar and events/promotions coordinator of O.H.W.O.W. Like all previous installations, this transformation was curated by Pres Rodriguez. From the picture above and the teaser flier, which uses the county's Miami-Dade logo but replaces it with the words Metro Dada, expect bright colors and plenty of 305 references.

If you want to see the new decor, stop by tonight starting at 8 for the weekly Locals Only event at Bar. Cheap beer and free barbecue are always on the menu.

By the way, we spoke to Sanchez Friday night as to what the correct name of Bar was and he told us it was technically the bar symbol, but for the written word's sake it should be spelled out as just Bar, not Black Bar or old PS14. Glad we cleared that up.

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