Baby Calendar

For the past couple of years, as we near the dreadful Florida summer, nothing comes as close to "good omen" as a brand-new Baby Calendar release. Seriously, the group's saccharine goodness helps combat the humid heat that takes over the Magic City and, though not substantially proven yet, might actually cause strangers to greet each other. I was suspicious of the band's recording lull but, at last, the trio of Jackie Biver (vox/keys/bass), Tom Gorrio (vox/guitar), and Arik Dayan (drums) will have a new full-length album titled Gingerbread Dog on Georgia's Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Then they'll embark on another marathon tour in which they'll gig your granny's knickers if she'll have 'em. Their blend of indie-pop, gospel inflection, whimsical punk, and childlike innocence is high on the "infectious" and has allowed them a purely DIY lifestyle while selling hundreds of copies of their previous EP and LP. And yes, there is talk of a split seven-inch hitting stores by this fall, as well as an unconfirmed statement about their moving to Georgia. In tow on the tour will be fellow indie popsters Fake Problems, with their Naples take on electric folk, and the street-corner acoustic punk of Tallahassee's On the Strings Of. But really: peaches? Fuck the peaches, Babies — oranges are so much better.

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