Azealia Banks's "No Problems" Video, Shot at Ultra 2013: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

How weird was it to wake up this past weekend and not immediately jump on the Metrorail bound for Ultra Music Festival?

After two consecutive weeks of fist-pumping, (almost) naked raver bros, nipple pasties, and Molly, the earliest stages of rave withdrawal were starting to creep into our central nervous system.

But thank God for Azealia Banks, who just debuted the music video for her Angel Haze dis track, "No Problems." Aside from being a gnarly club banger, the video is also a look back at Ultra Music Festival, 'cause the whole thing was shot during Miami's biggest dance party.

Check out the extremely detailed breakdown after the cut.

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Popped a Molly video, we're sweatin'.


Ms. Banks doesn't miss a beat or a phone call, even when she is seemingly rolling face and raging on the shores of Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami during a major music festival.


A crossover hip-hop music video isn't EDM-compliant until the 17-second montage of visually stimulating glow sticks, fireworks, and duck faces.


Back on the rocks and still clinging to her iPhone, Banks begins her lyrical diatribe against Angel Haze, the "new whore" in question.


Ever wonder what the backstage of area of a major international music festival is like? Well, it's all golf carts and go-go dancer, bitches. "Are you experienced?"


The live stage, one of the few spots at Ultra where live music trumps pre-recorded mixes.


Steve Aoki! Steve Aoki! Steve Aoki!


Spotted in the crowd: Canadians, a beached whale, and ass-load of ravers.


More tours of the backstage area while Banks lyrically defecates on some "average bitch."


PLUR generation's obligatory girl-on-girl kiss.


Steve Aoki! Steve Aoki! Steve Aoki! And some birthday cake, of course.


Dance! Too much booty in the pants!


Watch Ultra security staffers lose their shit and go on a power trip. Stop having fun, ravers! We're shooting a music video!


She's peaking.


Adult baby fetish? Or simply sucking on a pacifier because drugs make you do crazy shit?


Posing next to a random Bentley parked near the press boat at Ultra. Just another day at the office for Azealia.


When in Rome, do as the Romans. When at Ultra, do the can-can.


Rage-rage-rage-rage, Rage-rage-rage-rage, Rage-rage-rage-rage-rage-rage-rage-rage-rage... Rage-rage-rage-rage-rage-rage.


See those nipple pasties? There are plenty more where those came from.


We're going to need a montage.


Kids are starving in Africa and getting hit with whole cakes to the face at Ultra. America >


Diplo, a "big white star," helps Banks close out her "little black girl video." Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

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