Audio Junkie's Independence Bash: "Fun and Barbecue and Good Music"

The Audio Junkie concept is simple: "a journal that captures a culture immersed and obsessed with audio."

But it's also complex enough to keep the project's masterminds, Greg and Eddy Alvarez, talking at the same time.

And when not finishing one another's statements, they tap into nearly identical sentiments, like twins.

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Born in the Dominican Republic, weaned on Juan Luis Guerra and Las Chicas del Can, but informed by "the Eat and the Holy Terrors" after moving to Miami in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, "playing music started when we moved to Miami," the Alvarezes say. "And we started [Audio Junkie] four and half years ago."

A chance movie-going experience with grandpa to Pulp Fiction would teach the brothers about coming-of-age and the adequate use of music as mood builder. This would be nurtured further by the discovery of documentaries like The Decline of Western Civilization, as well as the musical tastes of their mother, who'd often purchase Bob Dylan and Beatles records for them.

"Since we were kids, we were exposed to a lot of movies and then we got into directors like Penelope Spheeris," Greg and Eddy say. "So it was like, 'Dude, we have this technology,' and we were both producing videos, and we had the advantage of borrowing equipment. We just started documenting our friend's bands."

Thus, the Alvarezes -- also members, along with Snakehole's KC Toimil, of local dark garage rock crew Jellyfish Brothers -- have undertaken the job of documenting South Florida's underground music scene. But unlike Spheeris, Greg and Eddy have chosen episodic, short docs over feature-length film format, in part because it allows them to experiment with wacky techniques, like 3D.

Yet all projects, regardless of size, need a little help. As Greg explains: "Three years ago, we were going to do a fundraiser and keep it small because we needed a laptop to edit videos and people loved it, we had a barbecue and music, and now we're on our third one."

With Churchill's immediate future still at a speculative juncture, the Alvarezes have found a willing accomplice in Gramps' Adam Gersten.

"Partnering up with Gramps is no different of what was done at Churchill's back in the day, and Audio Junkie's three-day fest should be representative of what Miami has to offer. We look forward to a great bash filled with fun and good music."

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Audio Junkie Independence Day Bash. With Holly Hunt, Rat Bastard, Jellyfish Brothers, and 60 others. Friday to Sunday, July 4 to 6. Gramps, 176 NW 24th St., Miami. The show begins at noon and ends at 1 a.m., and there's no cover. Call 786-752-6693 or visit grampsbar.com.

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