Astari Nite Premieres New Music Video This Friday at Kill Your Idol

"Everyone thinks because of the way we look that we're a goth band, but we're postpunk indie rockers," explains singer Mychael Ghost over the phone. His band, Astari Nite, is often thrown into a box based strictly on appearances, but it's not fair to typecast this diverse group of Miami musicians.

Ghost formed Astari Nite in 2008 after a jam session between Ghost and drummer Illia Tulloch. He had just moved to Miami from New York. "Illia was a huge Depeche Mode fan, and I loved bands like Placebo, Interpol, and Pet Shop Boys, so we combined our influences."

With a totally new lineup — adding guitarists Michael Setton and Howard Melnick and bassist M. Sallons — Astari Nite is currently putting the finishing touches on a second full-length album. "It's called Until the End of the Moon," Ghost says. "One of our new members, Howard Melnick, produced it, and you can hear his influences of Suede, Pulp, and the Cure." That new record will come out in May with a release party scheduled at Kill Your Idol for May 13.

But this Friday night, also at Kill Your Idol, Astari Nite will offer a sneak peek of the new album and lineup with a premiere party for the video of the band's latest single, "Always Like Yesterday." 
"Jaime Lopez directed it. He did our last video for 'The Boy Who Tried,' and it got such a strong reaction. This one is a video montage of us playing in Germany combined with make-believe fairy-tale ideas. It's kind of a time travel with the song having sentimental value dealing with someone I love personally."

The video will be projected on the big screen during the bimonthly Kitchen Club party, a goth night that happens every second Friday of the month at Kill Your Idol and ever fourth Friday of the month at Jada Coles. "We wanted to bring the video to the Kitchen Club before it could be seen anywhere else since they've always supported us. We played the Kitchen Club when it was on the rooftop of Grand Central."

For Astari Nite, 2016 is already busy. The album release coincides with a late May tour up the East Coast. But Ghost is hopeful Astari Night will be able to put their passports to use this year as well. "We'd love to play on the West Coast, Europe, and South America. We've finally got our sound with this album exactly how we wanted it. We've hit our style."

And he wants you to remember, that style is not goth.

The Kitchen Club with Astari Nite. 10 p.m. Friday, February 12, at Kill Your Idol, 222 Española Way, Miami Beach. No cover. Ages 21 and up.

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