Askultura's Kickstarter: Support Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury!

Ever since Against All Authority screamed, "I'm a fucking timebomb waiting to explode," backed by a sax, the world has felt the fury of ska punk from Miami.

Keeping the spirit of the streets alive with a positive message is Askultura, a ten-piece band that combines DIY punk roots and the sounds of our city's world cultures.

They've traveled Florida's highways for years, playing shows all across the state. And now they're raising money for a new album, Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury.

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We here at Crossfade asked lead singer Andrew what he had to say about it.

Wasup with the Kickstarter, yo?

Andrew: We gotta get to $2,000 or we don't get nothing, so we're like really pushing heavy on that $25 Bomb Proof Package, which gets you the new Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury CD, a t-shirt, two digital downloads of singles, a CD of unreleased demo tracks, two stickers, patches, one signed poster, special thanks on the band website, one handmade and glorious ticket to any

of the SoFla CD parties, and a phone call.

You mention King Django is mixing and mastering some tracks. Who's that?

King Django is over 20 years deep in the ska and reggae music. He's from New York. The shit's badass. I remember listening to Stubborn Allstars when I was a kid. He's become a friend of ours through touring down here. And next thing you know, he's involved.

Awesome. What else?

The dude from Slackers, Dave Hillyard, is on one of our tracks playing saxophone. He just hooked it up for us. We were sending files back and forth on the computer.

Possum from Churchill's says you all are really bringing that shit back to Miami.
We're bringing back some positive music to make people dance, and think. It's a big sound, it's ten of us, so it's thick, it's fat. The best part about it is that it's punk rock, but not the kind that makes your girlffriend wanna go home, but at the same time I always stay around for that punk rock too.

You said it's ten of you now?

Yeah, it's ten of us on record, and ten of us in the crew. That's why the name is what it is. It reflects the sound that's within this album.

So the momentum is growing...

All the time. We just did Strung Out at Churchill's. We're playing with the Adicts. We've got two dates with the Slackers coming up. So it's starting to be bigger and bigger. They're asking us to play in Orlando. We've got a tour set up at the end of December and another in February.

Independent all the way?

That's what's so good. We're doing it all ourselves. And with the Kickstarter we can ask people for help and there's a responsibility there. We never gonna give them something that doesn't sound good.

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