ASAP Mob and Flatbush Zombies' "Bath Salt": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

ASAP Mob's first official video is here, and they're feeling hella zombified.

The just more than 4-minute clip lends some dark visuals to the track "Bath Salt" featuring New York's Flatbush ZOMBIES, so that's like a big up to our own crazed, drug-fueled city of sin.

It's creepy and it's kooky, it's altogether ooky. It's got some hot goth chics doing white lines on the dirty floor. And it's got a lot of candles, for all your romantics out there. We only wish it had more naked dude brain chomping, you know?

0:00 - 0:22

Omg credits. Omg candles. Omg awesome cross ring. These first few shots give us a good look around what must be the dankest bath salt den of all time. But dank as in like, we can literally smell the musty after-scent of shattered hopes and broken dreams. Three black-clad ladies are getting stoned as fuck on some prime shit, and there are a few hooded individuals just for creep factor.

0:23 - 1:02

These bitches are getting high as fucked and trying to have sex with Flatbush Zombie Meech through the television set. Which, by the way, can we get a rag over here to wipe off this candle wax? On the other side of the screen, them boys be ASAP mobbin' with all their homies, mouths full of nasty grills.

1:03 - 1:42

Juice takes over the mic, featuring the hottest beard this side of Rick Ross' fat ass. The stoned ladies keep trying to bone the tele and Juice raps it out over a glass of whiskey. The air is completely full of smoke, which we're hoping wasn't provided by any machine but merely the massive amount of weed burning on set.

1:43 - 2:45

A$AP Ant steps up to the bat, lookin' mighty fly in a sleeveless hoodie that's both chic and something out of an demonic séance. The crew is all chillin at the bar while these high bitches fiend out over more lines and obsess over the same crappy tv. This place seems especially prone to being set on fire at any moment.

2:46 - 3:34

A$AP Rockey swoops in to kill it after the chorus, sippin 40s and rapping about fucking lesbians, 'cause he's a real evil thug. He shows off his middle finger a lot, as well as his ninja impression, although it's pretty shitty since we can totally see him.

3:35 - 4:14

And it all kind of wraps up with Rocky basically saying fuck everything and give bitches heart attacks. These poor bath salt zombie girls never get any sort of closure from the guys, and we leave them pawing at the dirty screen. We're gonna go ahead and call shenanigans, because there are a lot of drugs left and there's no way any self-respecting drug addict would leave whole lines of shit out all night. Also, why didn't anyone get their brain eaten? This video could have used more blood. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.