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ArtOfficial and The Bright Light Social Hour iPhone Video Highlights

​Where were you last night? Did you hang around Cafeina for the acoustic Taylor Guitar showcase, or get your Christian on at the Urban Inspired Gospel gig inside the Hyatt Ballroom? Whatever the case, there were a bunch of options last night, and Miami Music Festival's Friday night showcases highlighted some of the city's best in commercially viable music. Miami <3 radio rock.

At Transit Lounge, however, music felt a little more passionate and authentic thanks to Bright Light Social Hour and ArtOffical's after-midnight sets.

Armed with an iPhone 4 and a MMF Media Pass, we were able to score some video of the two wildly entertaining performances.

Austin's Bright Light Social Hour had won the crowd over early. Jack O'Brien, the band's bassist, introduced each song by telling the audience, "It's about fucking."

At about 1:25 in the morning, ArtOfficial was introduced for a second time (technical delays). Granted, we've seen ArtOfficial a bunch, but it's never any less inspiring, or any less dynamic; these guys are South Florida. Their brand of hip-hop-meets-funk-meets-soul-meets-reggae is a brilliant musical representation of Miami's diversity. Check it.

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