Art of War 305's Blood Sport Rap Battle Going Down in Hialeah This Friday

Somewhere between YouTube, a Canadian rapper named Pat Stay, a competition called Jump Off, and American hip-hop conglomerate Grind Time Now, the world of battle rap was forever changed.

Whereas snaps were traditionally served off the top of opponents' heads, now the raps are written and heavily researched on the internet for ultimate bombastic and belittlement value.

This Friday, Miami upholds the fine tradition of battle rap with Art Of War 305's Blood Sport at Labeless Records Headquarters in Hialeah, and you better believe it will be seriously entertaining.

Your opponent in a battle rap might troll your Facebook friends for embarrassing information, pay to run your name through Intelius, and pull your arrest, IRS, and mortgage record just to make fun of you on a video that will be broadcast across the worldwide information superhighway.

Expect live performances from Erum, Dirty Dem, Jonny Storm, Flawless, Saheed, Just-This Crew, Herotwin, and Kairo Lavo3 -- not to mention a packed rap battle fight card.

Art of War 305's Blood Sport

Opening Card Matches

Shawn Chaos vs. Dex-1

Pervis Mockingshire vs. James Roig

M.ortal C.ombat Title Tournament, Round One

Ubserd vs. Chris Black

Hindu Rock vs. Jae Wize

Knowledge Medina vs. Katastrofik

ATM vs. Maniphest DSTNE

As the Art of War proclaims, "The matches have been set. The warriors have been named. The game has begun." It's time for Blood Sport.

Art of War 305's Blood Sport Rap Battle. Friday, September 2. Labeless Records Headquarters, 1723 W. 37th St., #18, Hialeah. Doors open at 9 p.m. and general admission costs $10. Visit labelessrecords.com.

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