Art Basel Week: Pink Reason and Times New Viking, Dec. 7

The last of the Art Basel week shows at the Kill Your Idols space kicks off with a set from Brooklyn-based Pink Reason, currently a trio but really the brainchild of Kevin Failure, the band's frontman. It sounds a little like Joy Division or another post-punk act put through a shredder, churned in a drum machine, and tossed into a faraway field, where it still remains audible. Um, best heard rather than read about. The Columbus, Ohio-based Times New Viking, meanwhile, released one of the greatest recent lo-fi, art-noise-rock masterpieces earlier this year in Rip It Off, the band's first release for Matador Records.

Free and open to the public; 9 p.m.; the Marcy Building, 3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami; www.killyouridols.com.

-- Arielle Castillo 

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