Art Basel Music: Yelle at the Fillmore Miami Beach, December 2
Photo by Ian Witlen

Art Basel Music: Yelle at the Fillmore Miami Beach, December 2

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With Housse de Racket

Fillmore Miami Beach

Friday, December 2, 2011

Better Than: Joining an actual safari.

We were a little worried before heading to the Fillmore Miami Beach on Friday night. With all of the free shows, pop-up shops, galleries, and Art Basel-related activities, what would that mean for Yelle?

Clearly, it meant only the most loyal of Francophiles would be in attendance -- and that was fine by us.

The show began promptly at 9 p.m. with Housse de Racket. The

Parisian duo (drums and guitar/synths) reminded us of a highly charged

version of Phoenix, and with good reason: They started out as in-demand

session musicians for fellow French bands Phoenix and Air. Clearly influenced by the Grammy Award-winning band, every song they played screamed French indie rock, filled with heavy drums and guitar riffs, with popular tracks like "Oh Yeah!" among the crowd favorites.

A mere 100 people were in the audience by the end of the band's set. But they still powered through every heavy-hitting beat, amping the crowd by repeating things like, "Next up, Yelle!"

Art Basel Music: Yelle at the Fillmore Miami Beach, December 2
Photo by Ian Witlen

A little after 10 p.m., the stage was transformed into what resembled the set from the "Safari Disco Club" video. GrandMarnier and Tepr, on drums and keyboards respectively, appeared in safari costumes, complete with camel-colored visors. And both dudes beat large drums as we awaited Julie Budet, AKA Yelle.

Dressed in the same shredded camo hoodie-dress combo that she wears in the video, Yelle shimmied as if she were possessed by the gods of dance, beating conga-like drums as she charged through hits, including "Comme Un Enfant" and "Ce Jeu."

Yelle was adorable, whether saying things like "We have a technical thing to fix. Then maybe we dance together?" or fumbling with saying "Florida" in a cutesy way. The crowd instantly fell in love with her.

Art Basel Music: Yelle at the Fillmore Miami Beach, December 2
Photo by Ian Witlen

Yelle's show was basically one big dance party, with plenty of dancing-alone-like-no-one's-watching attendees. By the middle of the set, though, the crowd was only about 300 people deep.

But that didn't affect Yelle's energy in the slightest. She fist pumped with both arms, played cowbell, and made sure we knew that she loved Miami. The entire audience was literally jumping up and down, arms raised, glowsticks in hand as she showed us how hard she was willing to work so we had a good time.

"Are you happy?" she beamed. "Because we are happy today. Are you ready to share some love, Miami? Show us your hearts."

The moment she said it, the entire crowd formed heart shapes with their hands, and we swooned.

Art Basel Music: Yelle at the Fillmore Miami Beach, December 2
Photo by Ian Witlen

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I used to be in the French club in middle school. I'd like to think this prepares me for an entirely French concert, but it doesn't.

Random Detail: Yelle went through three wardrobe changes. But the music didn't stop.

The Crowd: Francophiles, stylish people, men in muscle tees, Art Basel spillover, hipsters.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Someone just tweeted that free show sucked. I'm glad I came here instead."

Yelle's Partial Setlist

-"C'est Pas Une Vie"

-"Comme Un Enfant"

-"La Musique"

-"A Cause Des Garcons"

-"J'ai Bu"

-"Ce Jeu"

-"Je Veux Te Voir"

-"C'est Pas Une Vie"

-"Les Femmes"

-"Mon Pays"


-"Que Veux-Tu"

-"Safari Disco Club"


-"Dans Ta Vraie Vie"

-"Le Grand Saut"

-"Safari Disco Club" remix

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