Aretha Franklin to Perform a Duet Concert With ... Condoleeza Rice?

Music and politics seem to be meshing together a lot lately, and we're not really sure why. The latest: Aretha Franklin has just announced that she's going to team up with the former US Secretary of State to sing songs like "Natural Woman" and "Say a Little Prayer."

Taking place on July 27 in Philadelphia at the Mann Centre for the Performing Arts, the concert is being held as a fundraiser for inner city children. 

Rice will start the show with a solo, accompanying the Philadelphia Orchestra and conductor Rossen Milanov for Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor, then Franklin will join in to perform her classic soul anthems and a few arias. 

Many don't know that

Condi actually considered becoming a professional musician and is a

celebrated amateur pianist, and she even performed for Queen Elizabeth

II in 2008. So we're guessing this definitely won't be amateur hour. 


we find particularly interesting is the obvious political party

differences. Rice, the quintessential Republican, will play with the

life-long Democrat who didn't vote for Rice's former employer.

According to Franklin, they've put their differences aside for this

show, though. She was recently quoted as saying, "Ms Rice is a consummate classical pianist and since I sing the arias, I

thought we could do something. A bipartisan effort for

our favorite charities." 

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