Arcade Fire: "We'll Be Back Soon," Reportedly Returning to Miami for Two Nights in April 2014

"We'll be back soon."

Those were the words spoken by Arcade Fire's Win Butler near the end of last night's Reflektors show in Little Haiti.

Now, normally, the vague assurance of a local concert at some point in the future is just an offhanded nicety, a tease, an empty promise. In this case, though, maybe not.

Because @ArcadeFiretube (a self-described "fan Twitter account" that often blasts out some very prescient "Arcade Fire news and tour info") is reporting that Win, Régine, and the rest of the crew will be returning to Miami for two more nights in April 2014.

UPDATE Arcade Fire Announces Reflektor Tour 2014, Skips Miami

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Of course, we here at Crossfade are still recovering from the shock and amazement of witnessing Arcade Fire shows on consecutive days at a nightclub and a cultural center amid (relatively) tiny crowds of, respectively, 600 and 3000 people.

But there are so many other Miamians who weren't lucky enough to score tix for this week's not-so-secret shows, don a giant rabbit suit or a papier-mâché head, and get Reflektor-ized.

So if Arcade Firetube's Bayfront Park prediction isn't bullshit ... Whoa. Awesome. Hell yeah.

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Of course, as journalists, we contacted the band's press rep and asked: "Can you confirm whether Arcade Fire will be returning to Miami for two nights in April 2014?"

Predictably, there is no official comment at this time.

But that isn't a no. So we basically heard, "Yes!"

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