Araabmuzik at Mansion Miami November 16

One of the critiques often hurled at electronic music (usually from an individual of the guitar-bass-drums persuasion) is the performers "aren't doin' anything." This is sometimes a valid charge. Are you really trying to tell us (in between smashing people in the face with cake and washing it off with a water cannon loaded with champagne like some kind of Ca­ligula-Gallagher Megazord) that Steve Aoki is doing anything other than combing Pinterest for Hipstamatic pictures of fur coats? Why do you think Avicii brought Madonna out at Ultra Music Festival last year? Answer: The Material Mom is a Minesweeper world champ and the techno meatball wunderkind was trying to set a new record (on that particular laptop). But Araabmuzik, "MVP of the MPC," has the rare virtuosity that can transform equipment into instruments. And though "MPC" might sound like the name of a new Terminator cyborg, it's actually the primary tool employed by the Providence-based producer to totally kick out the post-bass electronica jams, sourcing everything from popular forms such as electro and dubstep to more niche genres like Chicago's post-ghetto tech-juke wave. This dude is definitely doin' something.

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Matt Preira