Ultra Music Festival

Andy C at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Two, March 26

So is drum 'n' bass dead or what?

Unlike previous editions of Ultra Music Festival where the sizable jungle-heads were out in full force and their superstar DJs would get top billing, the representation was a bit slim at this year's fest. In fact, hipster Brooklynites who came out to see bands like Cut Copy and Holy Ghost were more visible than the traditional "dNb Massivs."

As a recovering raver and an old-skool junglelite, I was somewhat sadden by the diminishing numbers as new jacks born post-1990 drifted towards dubstep rather than its true originator.

Yet this year, like every year, Andy C and his partner-in-crime, MC GQ, did their thing. And if you're wondering what exactly that "thing" is, it pretty much means destroying the place.

Only three days ago, Andy was just in Miami for his annual VIRAM (Virus vs. RAM) party that took place at the newly minted nightclub Treehouse.  Sources who were present have informed us that Andy C ... well, did his fucking thing!

Now the same could be said for his Ultra set this year, except for skipping needles and some technical difficulties. Dude, let's be real ... Andy is a purist and he's probably the only remaining DJ that spins with real vinyl. (Yeah, remember those black round thingies?) This set-up was definitely not meant for a guy who works with records. But the 1000-strong crowd could have cared less. They all came, as drum'n'bass disciples, to honor one of their saints. Andy C does no wrong, skipping needles and all.

The energy in the Tower of Ultra was electric. You can only imagine how much the ground was shaking when those bass drops hit. Andy left no records unturned, spinning some of his classic heavy tunes like "Titans," "Cool Down," "Quest," and his biggest crossover track, "Body Rock."  Let's not forget some non-Andy C produced records that stole the show, i.e. Adam F's "Circles" and all of Ed Rush and Optical joints. FIYAH!!! 

So regardless of what the naysayers are claiming: Screw you, dubstep! Drum 'n' bass lives on! 

Even though there aren't any videos of Andy C's set at Ultra up right now, check out his VIRAM set couple days back ... you get the picture.

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