Amy Winehouse's Husband Sent Back to Prison

In the latest round of drama between the world's most volatile couple, Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has been sent back to the slammer only a month after getting released into a rehabilitation center.

The reason for him being ordered back to prison is reportedly because he failed a drug test. It's utterly ridiculous that after managing to get released from a 27 month prison term early, he'd get tossed back inside right away for not being able to stay clean. As of now, he could possibly be forced to stay in prison until 2010.

Upon hearing the news that he'd broken the terms of his release, popular British newspaper, The Sun, reports this morning that Blake broke out of his current rehab center and headed straight to Amy's hospital bedside where she's recovering from "an adverse reaction to prescription drugs." (Yeah Right).

A source told The Sun:

"Blake did a runner. He turned up in hospital and hell broke loose -- everyone was totally shocked. He was asking Amy to forgive him. As he was going back inside anyway he felt he didn't have much to lose. If he had stayed in prison last month rather than taking the rehab option he was set to be released at the end of this month. He's blown it."

I'm sure it's horrible news for their families, but on the bright side, if you've got either of these two in your office death pool, hope is on the horizon. It's going to take practically a miracle for them both to survive past the holidaze.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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