Amazing Punk Show at Respectable Street: DI, Fear, Agent Orange, and Total Chaos, August 8

Not too long after moving to Miami I saw a flyer for D.I./Street Walkin' Cheetahs at a place called Churchill's Pub.  I went and there was no security, a lot of punks going crazy, and a great live show (SWCs destroyed the place!)  It made me love South Florida a little more than I did at first.  Now DI is coming back with Fear, Agent Orange and Total Chaos, this time to Respectable Street Cafe up in West Palm Beach. So that's three awesome bands -- especially Fear and Agent Orange -- playing one tiny-ass venue that is probably wayyyyy too small for the show, which takes place Saturday, August 8. Seriously consider buying presale for this show because I think there is almost no way it won't sell out.  

Fear, Agent Orange, D.I., and Total Chaos play Saturday, August 8th at Respectable Street Cafe.


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