All The Wicked Have Grave Rave in Downtown, Friday-the-13th Style

Notorious Nastie is in the business of death, that's how he makes his living. Zombie this, bloody that, what ever happened to girls wrestling in baby oil? Tonight, Friday the 13th, all the wicked of Miami converge on downtown for a Grave Rave at PS14. I heard they're going to feast on a living goat in a circle of fire while seven naked virgins drip blood on an old book. I heard there's gonna be a light bulb eating contest, a teeth sharpening booth, a shadow dancing seminar, a broomstick test drive, tall cans of type O-negative, human flesh on the barbie, lots of menacing birds, a pack of wild dogs, coffins to chill in. I heard that at 3:33 a.m. shit is gonna go crazy. I heard there's gonna be strobe lights. That's right, strobe lights, flashing and shit. Here's some more stuff that I heard is gonna happen.

Stage 1

Otto Von Shirach, Dj Urine, Chromatron, Stoma, Children of the Plague, RC Drone, Operation Human Mind Expansion, The Creature Tweaker Councel

DJ Antichrist, DJ Draculas Daughter, DJ Lady Anime, DJ Danny Bled, DJ Romulo of Schematic, DJ Nosaj

Performace Artists: VooDoo Witch Doctor, Thug Jesus, Notorious Nastie, Aiden Dillard

Dancers: Kassandra Kharis, Angelica Syn, Space Kitty, Virus, Terror Doll, Intergalactic Sex Demon, Satan's Kitty

Stage 2

WEB THREE, Mizt3r Purple, Miss Kisa, D-Murder, Stranger Haze, Outbreak, Self Made

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