Alejandro Sanz's La Música No Se Toca in Miami: A Ten-Photo Recap

Alejandro Sanz

La música no se toca Tour

With Carlos Varela

American Airlines Arena, Miami

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last night, thousands of Latin music fans had an amazing night at the American Airlines Arena, leaving rapt and satisfied, thanks to Alejandro Sanz and his conquering desire.

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Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela opened the night playing some of his most popular and powerful nueva trova songs. And while he sang about urgent social topics affecting the world, though especially his native country, the audience grabbed their phones, lit up the AAA, and sent a light to Cuba.

A short time later, Alejandro Sanz took the stage, accompanied by an impressive band of ten musicians -- five of them women. Opening with "Llamando a la mujer en acción," the stage lit up and it was obvious that this concert was going to be full of surprises, just as he had promised in last week's interview with Crossfade.

From guests like Tommy Torres, Luis Enrique, and Antonio Carmona singing some classic songs and producer Julio Reyes playing the piano on "No me compares," the night was truly full of stunning moments.

Sanz's new album, La música no se toca, is meant to be a tribute to the art of music, and that's exactly how he performed the whole night. The plan, he said, for the night was to not let anybody sit. And song after song, the fans couldn't stop waving their hands, dancing, taking pictures, and singing.

Even though this tour's setlist is mostly comprised of material from the new album, just released in September 2012, it was as if the audience had already been listening to these songs for years.

No wonder La música no se toca has become the last year's best-selling album from a Hispanic singer.

Sanz's show was also accompanied by the latest technology. The stage looked alive, not only because of the band, but also because of a massive LED screen, flashing impressive digital backgrounds and videos that complimented each song. This set of lights looked like stars in the sky, lighting the whole venue.

Some of the songs that made the Arena sing and dance the most: "Con el alma al aire," "Corazón Partío," "Mi Soledad y yo," "No es lo mismo," "Looking for Paradise," and "Amiga Mía." And by the end of the night, Alejandro Sanz had proved one more time why he is the most Grammy-winning Spanish-language artist in history, leaving Miami rapt, satisfied, and completely blown away.

-- Luz Elena Silva

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