Akon Sued for Stage-Diving Injury; Six Worst Stage-Diving Incidents Caught on Video

Stage-diving. It's all fun and games until someone's seriously injured, which is exactly what Matthew Graham says happened to him when Akon unleashed his inner Iggy Pop and dove off the stage at the BayFest music festival in Alabama, TMZ reports.

According to a new lawsuit, the crippling stage-dive went down in 2009, when Akon "negligently or wantonly leapt into the overcrowded mass of concertgoers," landing on Graham -- who was part of the BayFest staff -- and causing permanent damage to his knees, back, head, and body.

But Akon isn't the only artist to fail miserably at stage-diving.

From Steve Aoki to members of the Wu-Tang Clan, check out our list of some of the worst stage-diving caught on video.


Smack Stage dive that all on the floor/Smack Stage dive give me some more/Smack Stage dive 'till you get sore/Smack Stage dive oh-oooh

5. Machine Gun Kelly

What's more embarrassing, the stage-dive tumble or the white-boy shuffle?

4. Courtney Love

Someone named Drugs must've thought it'd be a good idea for Mrs. Cobain to stage-dive into a crowd of horny rock fans in a dress. Moral of the story: Don't wear a dress if you're going to take drugs.

3. Method Man

M-E-T-H-Oh Shit! Cut the music.

2. Mute Math

Mute Math has one of the liveliest stage shows in music but a remarkably clumsy drummer/fans dynamic.

1. Steve Aoki

Stage-diving is dangerous enough. But adding a trampoline to the mix is just plain dumb. Feel better, Stevie!

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