Air Supply and So Much "Love" Coming to Fillmore Miami Beach on July 13

We've all been there -- nervously flipping through a back issue of Better Homes and Gardens while silently praying that a power outage (or the apocalypse) strikes before some woman named Heidi or Joan or Colleen calls your name and says those eight dreadful words: "The dentist is ready to see you now."

But then the adult-contemporary pop of Air Supply comes washing over you.

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The anxiety level escalates as the dental assistant leads you into a tiny room, triggering sweat glands that you never realized existed. "Have a seat and the dentist will be right with you," she says, casually walking back to her desk.

Confident that you can shove your way past Heidi and disappear through the fire exit, you start planning an escape when, all of a sudden, a familiar tune creates a Zen-like calmness in you.

It is Air Supply's "Even the Nights Are Better," and you can't help but mumble the words: "I, I was the lonely one/Wondering what went wrong/Why love had gone/And left me lonely."

Before you know it, Air Supply's entire catalog is being pumped through the office's sound system, forcing you to stick around to hear your favorite tunes -- "Lost in Love," "Every Woman in the World," "The Power of Love (You're My Lady)," and "All Out of Love."

By the time the dentist sticks his latex-gloved hand in your mouth, you're too drunk off Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock to fight, so you consent to his deep cleaning. Oh yeah, the Air Supply guys' sweet melodies are intoxicating. And they know it.

"Anybody that has never seen us should come to the show," Russell recently told Indiana's South Bend Tribune.

"It is rock 'n' roll and it is right in your face. I always say to people that haven't seen us, it is everything that you think it isn't. People expect two guys onstage with an acoustic guitar, but it is a rock 'n' roll show. It is pretty loud and it is pretty fierce."

Find out just how fierce when Air Supply takes over the Fillmore Miami Beach this month.

Air Supply. Saturday, July 13. Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $48.50 to $123.50 plus fees via All ages. Call 305-673-7300 or visit

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