After Christmas, Celebrate Boxing Day at Electric Pickle
Photo by Miami New Times

After Christmas, Celebrate Boxing Day at Electric Pickle

The British have some funky ways. They call cookies "biscuits" and eat meat pies. They still sing "God Save the Queen" in 2015, when most people find themselves losing faith in both God and the queen. When a Brit gets "pissed," he gets drunk, not angry, and he might ask to borrow a fag — which doesn't mean what you're thinking. Then there's December 26 — what Brits call Boxing Day. Sure, after Christmas you might want to strap on gloves and settle those unresolved familial scores, but Boxing Day isn't about pugilism. And it has nothing to do with boxing up decorations or gifts you wish you didn't get. Instead, the national holiday harks back to a bygone era like powdered wigs and pagers.

Back in the days of the Empire, British citizens were split into hierarchies divided by arbitrary lines such as accent and lineage. Think Downton Abbey, in which two worlds were split by the bottom floor of a huge house. Upstairs you've got the lords and ladies. Downstairs you've got the servants and maids, who rarely get breaks. If it weren't for the servants' work on holidays, the aristocrats might've gone hungry, practically unable to cook their own food or even pour tea. And for their year-round fealty, tradesmen get little gifts called Christmas boxes — plus December 26 off to spend with their families. It was a small show of thanks for incessant servitude.

Nowadays in the UK, Boxing Day is a chance to give tiny thanks to modern-day tradesmen such as postal workers, paper boys, and state employees, as well as time for soccer and rugby. But in the States, it's just another chance to drown that Christmas hangover all over again.

Rather than spend this Boxing Day with family, join Anthony Naples, Diego, and Uchi at Electric Pickle for Safe Boxing Day Special. Naples, a Brooklyn-based house DJ, returns to his hometown to visit everyone's favorite Wynwood electronic club. The performance is a perfect way to show some post-Xmas gratitude to the folks who dedicate themselves to making Miami dance.

Safe Boxing Day Special with Anthony Naples, Diego, Uchi, and Chris Video. 10 p.m. Saturday, December 26, at Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $10 to $20 via residentadvisor.net.

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